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Medium Hand-Tossed Pizzas - Limited OLO

Medium The Works Pizza


Rustic Tomato Sauce, mozzarella, pepperoni, sausage, green bell pepper, red onions, mushrooms, tomatoes

Toppings:Anchovies +$2.40Bacon +$2.40Jalapeño Bacon +$2.40Chicken +$2.40Ground Beef +$2.40Ham +$2.40Meatballs +$2.40Pepperoni +$2.40Sausage +$2.40Tri-Pepper Sausage +$2.40Artichokes +$2.40Black Olives +$2.40Garlic (Chopped) +$2.40Garlic (Roasted) +$2.40Green Onions +$2.40Jalapeños +$2.40Kalamata Olives +$2.40Mushrooms +$2.40Pineapple +$2.40Red Bell Peppers +$2.40Green Bell Peppers +$2.40Red Onions +$2.40Spinach +$2.40Sun-Dried Tomato +$2.40Tomato (Sliced) +$2.40Tomato (Chopped) +$2.40Zucchini +$2.40Cheddar +$2.40Feta +$2.40Fontina +$2.40Gorgonzola +$2.40Gouda +$2.40Mozzarella +$2.40Provolone +$2.40Ricotta +$2.40
Premium Toppings:Goat Cheese +$4Shrimp +$4
Sauce Option:BBQ Garlic Olive Oil Rustic Tomato Sauce Spicy Sauce